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Fostering National Food Optimism

The previous Demfarm was Berintani which comes from two words: Berinta and Tani. Berinta is adopted from the word Bessai Berinta which comes from the regional language of Kalimantan which means growing together. Meanwhile Tani describes our farmers.

Demfarm comes from a sustainable positive spirit to jointly paddle the progress of Indonesian agriculture through educational and informative content about farming, fertilizers, agriculture, and food info.

Demfarm also reviews from the side of successful farmers or food processing MSMEs as an inspiration for readers.

Dare to try to keep presenting fresh and new content and actively organize programs that support the agricultural industry. One of the programs that we encourage is Urban Farming. We invite the community to be able to use the surrounding land or limited land for food and plant needs, both for their daily needs or as a profession and business.

The articles that we display on this portal are self-written articles adapted from various sources and references. Processed in lighter language and presented to make it easy to understand. So that if there are writing errors or information, we are very open to criticism and input.

Finally, thank you for your visit to demfarm.id

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